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Revisional Surgery

Revisional Surgery

Revisonal Surgery is surgery performed to replace or compensate to correct undesirable sequelae (as scars or scar tissue) or an undesirable outcome.

If you are left with scars that are not in the right position, there are a tremendous number of variables and options for you to think about and pursue.

Secondary Blepharoplasty

This is the surgery that remedies various problems after eyelid surgery. Most side effects are things like double eyelid line with wide gap, deep and thick lines, swollen and sausage-like lines, big scarred line when the eyes are closed, etc. Typically, these problems usually come together. Problems like;

  • Double eyelids are too thick so it seems like a sausage
  • Scars are noticeable
  • Double eyelids are untied
  • The eyelids are too thin and the line is very narrow
  • Shape of the eyes are not satisfying

We are happy to help you with your previous surgery issues. Come in today for a consultation to see and hear all about your options!

We welcome you to schedule a consultation to meet with us to create an individualized treatment plan based on your specific goals.

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